Honduras, in photos!

If you follow blogs, you probably notice I’m not real good at keeping up with mine. I know it’s here, and I know I’m supposed to make an entry every now and then, but it just seems like my mind doesn’t run in this direction. I like to get up in the AM And get busy doing the things I guess I should be writing about. If there are people out there who are hoping to learn something new about us, I suppose I’m grateful, but in my mind, I’m not convinced it’s a long line!

At any rate, I’m sure I’m embarrassingly late, but we did have a wonderful JAMin. team that completed a medical-construction-evangelism project Aug.1-9 in Honduras. You can see some news about that if you take a look at our Sept. Praise and Prayer publication that is posted on this site. I’m including some pictures that are not a part of that the P&P which will tell the story better than words.

We have a LOT going on through the rest of 2015 – much travel and busy here at home. I will have much to share in our blog, if I’ll just get around to it!