Update from Ghana, West Africa

I haven’t posted anything on my blog in a couple of days from Ghana. By the time I post on facebook and send some info home, my website gets left out. We had Sat.-Sun. AM off since schools were not in session. I did visit a local clinic on Sunday to get my right ear cleared of nagging wax that was stopping it up. That was an interesting experience but so far all is well – and I can hear.

We were ready to return to schools this AM but steady rain kept the students away, and therefore us too. Since everyone here walks to school, rain creates a holiday! Today’s schools have been rescheduled for the next few days so we will be busier than ever. The weather has cleared so film crusades will be held as planned tonight.

Not to worry, during our off time I have been memorizing music and writing Bible studies for our July Wilora Lake Vacation Bible School. Oh, and preparing messages for Easter Sunday and a Lord’s Supper service. Always plenty to do!
Keep us in your prayers. Home in a week!