End of Week One in Ghana!

This morning we finished our first week of evangelism in the schools.  Tomorrow (Sat.) we will relocate our base from Asuom to the town of Kade almost an hour away.  We will continue PM film crusades each day and resume ministry in schools on Monday.

At our last school today, the students were assembled and the headmaster called them to attention.  To my surprise, he said to them in what seemed like a condescending tone, “We have guests with us today who will talk to us about God.  We know about God.  We don’t need to hear about God but I will allow them 30 minutes.  At the end of 30 minutes, I will ring a bell whether they are finished or not.”

Since he spoke English with a Ghanaian accent, I confirmed with my friend Delanyo that I heard him correctly.  I knew I could share the gospel and we could finish our business in less than 30 minutes, and I also knew it would be difficult for him to ignore my words unless he left the area, which he did not.

I began as usual referring to heaven and confirming that all present desired to go there at the end of this life.  By the time I had informed the audience that everyone does not automatically go to heaven, but that I would share from God’s Word how they could know the way, he had taken his place at the edge of the standing crowd, listening after all.

At the close of my abbreviated presentation, I called for a response to Christ and asked those who made a decision to indicate with an uplifted hand.  The headmaster who had declared he would not be listening raised his hand high, along with the majority of the student body. When My Ghanaian host and partner Pastor Simon Akpolu presented the boxes of Bibles to be distributed, he boldly said to the headmaster in front of everyone, “When Reverend Jeff said that not everyone goes to heaven, I saw fear on your face and you began to listen.  How is your fear now?”

Unembarrassed the headmaster replied, “My fear is gone.  I have received Christ.” He then held one of the New Testaments before the school and declared, “We will hold worship each week, and we will bring our Bibles and learn the Word of God!”

He may have initially been determined not to listen to our message, but apparently the voice of the Spirit reached the ears of his heart.

By the way, with our team size allowing an increased number of venues, we have already shared the gospel to over 18000 people, and have seen over 14000 indicated decisions.  And there’s a week to go!  Pray for us!