Final Ghana Update

Due to poor Internet service while out in the field, I have not been able to send word about our evangelism project here in Ghana west Africa. Today we returned to the capital city of Accra where the service is better. Tomorrow morning we will leave at 9:15 local time for New York City. We know about the storm lurking offshore on the East Coast of United States and the rain that is drenching widespread areas.  Please pray that we will be able to arrive unhindered on schedule as we begin our journey home.

Our project here in Ghana has been much like many of the other project. We have visited schools during the daytime and shared the gospel through the Jesus film at villages at night. We shared the gospel in over 150 venues with almost 39,000 people.

We saw over 28,800 people indicate a decision for Jesus Christ.  Thousands of Bibles were distributed to children at the schools as well as to their teachers and school officials.

As always, we thank the Lord for being able to participate in his work in the country of Ghana. We saw the Muslim influence as usual but we continue to thank the Lord for the openness to the Christian gospel and for the response of those who hear.

Though the work here is exciting, I am just as excited to return home to see my family and friends. Roy Mason and I must spend the night in New York City before catching an early flight to Charlotte on Sunday morning.  I will go directly from the airport to our service at Wilora Lake and on to Arlington Baptist church to sing with our men’s quartet at their homecoming festivities.  On Monday I will leave with our senior adults from Arlington church for the annual retreat at Caraway Conference Center near Ashboro.  Needless to say, I will hit the ground running!

Thank you for your support and your prayers which help to send us into all the world with the Gospel.