Grand Camp

On June 28th through the 30th my oldest granddaughter and I shared an experience that was pretty special to say the least.

We went to “Grand Camp” at Caraway Conference center near Ashboro, NC. It was 48 hours of non-stop activity for grandparents and their grandchildren in beautiful surroundings. We missed Meems, who had to work, so Peeps and Haven made the trip alone. There was a selfie scavenger hunt, movie night with pop corn and butter we made earlier, a zip line, craft times when we made wind chimes, picture frames and fuse bead art, swimming in a lake, kayaking, swimming in a pool, a wagon ride, trail walks, blackberry picking, camp fire and marshmallow roasting, and making homemade ice cream in a plastic bag (if you’re curious, I can give you details sometime – it was good)!

The gospel was explained around the campfire, as the children were encouraged to be “selfless” and not “selfish” as they respond to God. As you might suspect, my girl and I were both worn out. Upon our departure, she fell asleep before we exited the camp property and remained that way until we reached the subdivision where they live, well north of Charlotte. I fell asleep on our den love seat as soon as I got home and sat down.

The activities were fun, the food was good, and our room was comfortable. But the greatest part for me was just spending two days with one of my favorite people in the whole world. We both agreed we can’t wait till next year. The grandchildren have to be at least six years old to participate, so we’re counting the years before little sister and brother can join us. I hope my body will last. At any rate, I’ll need help. Lynne should be retired by then.

I’ve included some pictures of our time together at the end of this post.

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