September 25: Update From Ghana

We have just completed our first week of school ministry in Ghana. Memory of past projects grows vague I’m sure, but it seems to me that the roads (actually trails) we are traveling are the most challenging ever. I have been shaken and jostled as never before! One might think that this would be aggravating to the neck and back issues I deal with, but I think it’s serving as almost therapeutic! I’ll need to mention the technique to my physical therapist and chiropractor when I get home.

We are going great distances from our hotel to pretty small villages and small schools-smaller than usual anyway. But, “the worth of one soul” is quite high according to Jesus, so we are glad to put equal effort into potentially smaller results. We do not know what next week will hold. Evening film projects will continue through the weekend. We have three teams going out each morning and evening instead of the usual two, so that enables us to see more people.

We have endured power outages on several days that last into the night. “Dark Continent” is understood immediately when this happens and our rooms become muggy and musty in a hurry! Clothes and things we have washed out and hung under the fan on our makeshift clothesline do not dry, so a moldy odor soon joins the array of aromas. It’s all part of the adventure.

The best news is the 9300+ people who have indicated a decision for Christ! Funny how that always makes the darkness a little lighter, the trails a little smoother, and the odors a little sweeter.