This Christmas

Christmas 2014 is history, along with our JAMin. Christmas season activities. Our JAMin. Singers sounded the best ever this year and were the busiest–Arlington Baptist Church Nov. 22, Rock Hill, SC ChristmasVille Dec. 6, the Billy Graham Library Dec. 13, Wilora Lake Lodge (Brookdale Charlotte East) Dec. 14, University Park Baptist Church Dec. 17, the Ronald McDonald House Dec. 19, the 6th annual Neighborhood Noel Dec. 20, and a restaurant tour and Room At the Inn homeless ministry Dec. 23. We saw 11 decisions for Christ during these activities. I’m already pumped about next year. In fact, Christmas music for 2015 has already been ordered and in our library!

There was also Christmas ministry in the Union County Jail, with senior adults, and our JAMin. team members got involved helping families around them who had need.

Then it was time to just relax and enjoy Christmas with the family, which we did! All of the Andlers were together on Christmas day. With the grandkids here to waller (that’s southern for wallow) all over me, the day was perfect! A lot of food, a lot of lovin,’ and a lot of fun!

Our decorations are put away, the outside lights are down, and we move on to the new year and on-going ministry at home and overseas. I don’t know all that 2015 holds, but for now…man, I love my life!