This Week @ JAMin.

Well, as of today I suppose I know what 60 years old feels and looks like.  Not much different than 59.  It’s been a pretty normal day.  Lynne’s gone to work, I’ve gotten some letters out, done my usual first Monday lunch and Bible study at Wilora Lake Lodge, and worked to finalize our JAMin. Christmas Singers’ schedule.  Oh, I haven’t been ignored by any means.  Last Friday evening my family, my sister from GA, and a whole bunch of friends pulled the wool over my eyes big time with a surprise party!  As I sat and reminisced, played with my grandchildren and watched people from various times of my life converge, I couldn’t help but think that the theme of one of my very favorite movies is true for me, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  I got a special kick out of watching our 20-month old grandson Jensen in hog heaven, as he went from room to room discovering the bowls of M&Ms.  He seemed to be able to stay one step ahead of parental interference, as he enhanced his existing cuteness with growing chipmunk cheeks filled with the candy that “melts in your mouth, not in your hand!”

Today has seen dozens of Facebook and e-mail messages wishing me well, and a dining hall full of senior adults singing their birthday wishes.  Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated, and I am very thankful to say that my need has been more than met in the last few days!  I am indeed grateful to everyone who has been so kind.

As for JAMin., a handful of us are preparing to attend required prison volunteer training on Saturday, so we can continue our involvement in that vital area.  I’m still waiting for the initial author’s copy of my book, “It Gets Even Better” to arrive so I can look it over and give final approval.  Then we’ll be publicizing how folks can find it and scheduling a book signing event or two.  I must say I thought this process would move faster than it has, but like so many areas of life, I’m learning.  We’ll stay in touch.

Keep us in your prayers as we carry on!