Writing “It Gets Even Better”

In June of 2002, our faith-based ministry came into being after a very trying and perplexing period in our lives. Eleven years passed before circumstances developed that finally motivated me to begin recording the amazing history of our young ministry. Coming from a preacher, I guess it should have been no surprise that the history became an avenue to share insights, encouragement and scriptural confirmation.

The book “It Gets Even Better” was born and is now in the final phase of publication. I completed the writing by year’s end and began the publishing process in late January. I had no idea how much is involved, so the last six months have been enlightening and sometimes challenging! All is complete and I am waiting for the author’s copy to arrive so I can give my final approval. When that happens, “IT GETS EVEN BETTER” will be available to everyone. I’m excited to have this new opportunity!

Giving attention to the demands of a new book in addition to our on-going ministry and family life keeps things interesting, but also kinda fun. The last few months have allowed me to meet some talented and helpful people. I initially wrote “It Gets Even Better” so there would be a record of our unprecedented ministry events for family and friends. I didn’t give a lot of thought to having it become available to the public. That’s good, because I can be cool with whatever happens. As soon as the books are ready, we’ll be planning some book signing events. The marketing department of the publishing company is giving me guidance in what to do. This is all new to me and I wonder if I’ll feel a bit awkward with some of it. It will be available in the traditional book form but also in digital format. I’ll let you know by way of this blog and on our ministry website.

Our book, “It Gets Even Better,” is definitely on our minds, but ministry activities continue as well. My travel has been more limited this year but opportunities have been plentiful here at home. I’ve been busier teaching at the jail and the House of Pearls (a halfway house for former female inmates), and increased senior adult ministry.

The last couple of weeks I have been busy developing our JAMin. Christmas ministry schedule, which primarily involves our wonderful JAMin. Christmas Singers. New opportunities are before us in partnering with the Dream Center ministry in Rock Hill, SC and even the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. We’ll also continue our relationship with Christmas at the Billy Graham Library and ministry to senior adults. Our problem this year will be deciding what opportunity to decline! Plenty of work to be done out there!