Weekly Update: September 8, 2014

It’s been a pretty interesting week, in a fun way. Last Wednesday I had a book signing at Wendy’s! Many old friends gathered and many books were sold! It was mainly fun to spend time with people from our past. On Sunday we had a book signing at Wilora Lake Lodge (the Sr. adult community where our ministry has had a Sunday service for over 12 years). Many of these dear folks got in line to get a book and did so with smiles and enthusiasm. We are already hearing from folks in South Carolina, Florida and other places saying how they are being blessed and telling us of plans to get additional copies of “It Gets Even Better” for family and friends.
What will likely be our most intense book signing yet is to take place this coming Sunday at Arlington Baptist Church from 4-6 PM. The address is 9801 Arlington Church Rd., Charlotte. We’ll have signs at the church property entrances to help folks get to the right place.

Early this morning I walked and prayed as I always do each day. For privacy I go before daylight, though this AM the sun was barely peeking through as I neared our driveway at the end of my walk. In the dim light I could make out the form of two men coming toward me, both in white shirts and ties! As I walked in to my drive, one of the men called to me, “Good morning!” I went toward them until we met and began a casual conversation. The one who did the talking was the elderly father of the other, who was obviously mentally challenged. In a matter of minutes he told me of the very recent loss of his wife and the ensuing struggle to keep up with an adult son who is mentally challenged, the responsibilities of a house, and more. After their walk, they were on their way to sing in their church choir at an early service. It was quickly obvious that I was listening to a man who was grieving and lonely, and I knew it was not an accident that I had this encounter at the crack of dawn. Before we parted, I asked permission to pray with them. The son was the first to take may hand as we stood under the streetlight that was flickering before the rising sun. I could tell that their hearts were cheered as was mine. As I returned to my home to prepare for the day, it dawned on me once again—within arm’s length there are those who need our touch, if we will just put ourselves out there. Not in our living rooms, not on our patios, but not far. Touch someone today. They may not say “hello” to you first, so you greet them and let the Lord use you. By 6:30 this AM, I had already had a good day. Make your a good one too.